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Training Ladder & Stairs

HMS Training Ladders and stairs are made of superior quality materials and are designed after years of research and feedback receieved from practicing physiotherapist. Our products are well known for its durability and quality. Our wide range of products includes Training Stairs, Parallel Bar, Finger Ladder, Peg boards and Wobble Boards.

Training Ladder & Stairs

Training Stairs

Exercise Therapy Equipments - TRAINING STAIRS

  • Wood and steel structure
  • Convertible

  • Model : Training Stairs

  • Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal

Finger Ladder

  • Finest teak wood finishing
  • Wall mountable
  • 28 Steps

  • Model : Finger Ladder

  • Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal

Exercise Therapy Equipments - FINGER LADDER

Parallel Bar

Exercise Therapy Equipments - PARALLEL BAR

  • Height adjustable
  • Easy floor mountable
  • Made up of MS powder coated
  • Posture adjustable mirror (optional)

  • Model : Parallel Bar

  • Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal

Peg Board

  • Six rows with graded height pegs
  • Each size with different colours

  • Model : Peg Board

  • Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal

Exercise Therapy Equipments - PEG BOARD

Wobble Board

Exercise Therapy Equipments - WOBBLE BOARD

  • Non flexing HDF board
  • Durable with non slip surface

  • Model : Wobble Board

  • Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal

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