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Client Words

Logo - Mind 'N' Body 360° Fitness Studio
Mr. G. Amalmohan,
Mind 'N' Body 360° Fitness Studio,
Fitness Director,

It is usually an opinion that all the electrotherapy equipments available in the market are just the same, as we physiotherapists use them so unconsciously in our day to day practice. But since when I started using the HMS electrotherapy products I have changed my views, my experience with several brands of physiotherapy equipments has led me to recommend HMS equipments.

Logo -  Raghav Physiotherapy
Dr. D. Thiagarajan,
Raghav Physiotherapy,
HOD & Senior Consultant,

It gives me immense pleasure to express my views & thanks regarding the HMS Physiotherapy equipment which I have been using for past many years in my clinical practice. HMS Products have high quality, consistency, extraordinary therapeutic effects, value & demand in the field which I am personally witnessing in my long professional career.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr. I. Mohammed Ameer Hussian,
Ameer Physio Care Clinic,
Consulting & Sports Physiotherapist,

First of all I Would like to thank your team for timely support in my clinic. Really you helped me a lot. Whenever I ask for a new equipment or a service of your instrument or a demo equipment you did your service well in time. Once I was asking for a Micro Wave Diathermy demo, even you not have the device you arranged it for me with almost effort.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr. Mukesh Sharma,
Rama Hospital,

I Dr. Mukesh Sharma (PT) using HMS modalities Interferential Therapy, Digital Ultrasound, shortwave diathermy, traction units from last 3 years. All modalities are working good and I am fully satisfied with the result of modalities and the service given by the company.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr. Ambika Sharma,
Sri Ganga Ram Hospital,
Rehabilitation Medicine & physiotherapy Department,

This is to certify that We are using HMS medical systems i.e.. Interferential Therapy, Digital ultrasound performance of these machine are very good & results are also good & good service and delivery.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr.N.B. Thanmaran,
Sri Balaji Hospital,
Consultants Spine, joint Replacement surgeon,

We are very much happy with HMS medical systems equipments (physiotherapy). We are using it for about 2-3 years . They are working nicely. They ever do very good services .

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr. D. Muthurathinam,
Sree Ortho , Diabetic And General Hospital,
Consultants orthopaedic surgeon,

I am using your IFT and ultrasound physiotherapy equipments for the past 5 years . The quality of the machine and the service provided by the company is excellent.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr. Aakanksha Sharma,
Health Portico,

This is to certify that I,  Dr. Aakanksha Sharma have been using  HMS modalities for around an year now. I have their Interferential Therapy, Digital  ultrasound, shortwave diathermy, traction units. All modalities are working in an excellent condition and their services are commendable.The results are satisfactory and service check ups  are regular . It has been a pleasure to interact and work with HMS medical system.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr. J. Sudhakaran,
JK Physiotherapy Hospital,
Chief physiotherapist,

JK Physiotherapy Hospital is being run by JK MAASS Foundation, madurai. The physio hospital is serving for the past 13 years, the undersigned, managing trustee of the foundation and chief physiotherapist of the hospital. Having 13 years of experience in the physio field and practicing at madurai .Mr V. sundar of Intrigue equipments will be having very frequent interaction with us since beginning and we use to have the HMS equipments for all the purposes. Till now this practice is being followed in the physio hospital. Two sets of all physio equipments from HMS are being used in this hospital. We are using advanced HMS vacuum therapy and Unistim/ combination.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr. Koshy - K. mathai,
ST. Stephen’s Hospital,
Chief physiotherapist,

This is to certify that I-Dr.  Koshy – K. mathai(PT) has been using HMS medical systems modelates for last three years. ie shortwave diathermy and automatic traditions. Its working conditions is excellent no troubles during the treatment process. Their service of the equipements is commendable and on request, the engineers of the said equipments attend well.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr. Dharam P. Pandey,
BLK Super Speciality Hospital,

This is to certify that We are using Interferential Therapy (INDOMED-D), ultrasound Therapy, shortwave diathermy (INDOTHERM), traction units equipment manufactured by HMS medical systems, chennai in department of physiotherapy & rehabilitation since 2 years. The equipments are working perfectly are the result of the treatments are excellent. We wish to say the performance of the above said equipments are very good.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
A.D. multispeciality Clinic,

In our clinic we use HMS machines such as I.F.T, E.M.S, S.W.D, U.S.T & Traction unit for the past 10 years to treat our clients working conditions of the machines are really good and require low maintenance care and service of HMS company is really excellent.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr.G. Muralitharan,
Vinayaka Physio & Pain Relief Clinic,

I am very happy to write this letter of appreciation. I am using your company products (physiotherapy therapy equipments) since 14 years of physiotherapy practice. Your friendly approach in marketing, warranty and service of your products are excellent . I am pleased with new upgradation products in i.F.T., traction unit which is cost effective compared to others. Moreover your timely service in emergency situation is sincerely appreciative. My support and recommendation of your products to my physiotherapy friends will be there. I wish you all success in development of new rehabilitation products yours.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr. Tejasv Mathur,
Brain Waves Physiotherapy Hospital & OPD Center,

This to certify that I am Dr. tejasv mathur (PT) using HMS medical systems modalities i.e….
1)Interferential Therapy Equipments
2) shortwave diathermy
3) ultrasound
4) traction unit
All modalities are excellent in working & and I have to uses since 1 & half years. I am fully satisfied with their result and services . In future I have a plan to purchase all others modalities of HMS medical systems.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr. Ankush sharma,
Physio Rehab Clinic,
Neuro physiotherapist,

 This is to certify that I, Dr. Ankush using  HMS modalities – Interferential Therapy, Digital ultrasound, shortwave diathermy, traction from past 4 years  with satisfied result & service.

Logo - Ameer Physio Care Clinic
Dr. Suhas Mahajan,
Mahajans Physiotherapy Clinic & Rehabilitation Center,

This is to certify that I, Dr. Suhas Mahajan have been using HMS modalities – Interferential Therapy, Digital Ultrasound, shortwave diathermy , traction units from last 10 years . All modalities are excellent and fully satisfied with result and the service.

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