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Heat Therapy Machines

Heat therapy has been recognized as a leading treatment for arthritis, bursitis, muscle spasm, back pain and joint stiffness by medical and sports training experts everywhere.

The HMS Heat Therapy Machines are made up of durable, maintenance-free cabinets. Ensuring a long product life. Our range of Heat Therapy machine includes Hydrocollator, Waxbath 7 kg and 15 kg.

Our Heat Therapy Machines Range


With the HYDROCOLLATOR Heating Unit, you can quickly and consistently heat moist heat packs that last up to 30 minutes for pain relief. No need to worry about your heat pack being too hot or too cold – a thermostat in this equipment ensures consistent, reliable temperatures to deliver deep, penetrating pain relief. Its 15 liter tank capacity heats up to 160° F in just 1 hour, and takes approximately 3 hours to cool down.

Hydrocollator - Heat Therapy Machine
  • Durable Stainless steel water tank
  • Thermostatic Control
  • Three size of silica gel packs
  • Mobile unit fitted with wheel
  • Simple to fill and drain water
  • Model : Hydrocollator
  • Operation Mode : Electrical
  • Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal
  • Tank Capacity – 15 Litres
  • Heater type – Industrial heater
  • Tank Made up of – Stainless steel
  • Watts – 1500 w
  • Mains Voltage – 220V/50 Hz
  • Dimensions – L x B x H – 36 x 23 x 26 cms
  • Weight – 19 Kgs (without water)


Paraffin wax therapy is one of the most convenient, reasonably efficient method of applying heat to the extremities. Wax has a low thermal conductivity and therefore it gives off heat slowly. The low thermal conductivity of the wax prevents the patient’s feeling as hot as in water of the same temperature.

  • 7 kg wax bath
  • 15 kg’s wax bath
  • 30 kg’s wax bath
  • Indirect Healing
  • Odour Free
  • Minimum capacity of wax used is as low as 1 kg
  • Castor Wheel
  • Maintanance Free
  • Model : Waxbath
  • Operation Mode : Electrical
  • Usage : Clinical, Hospital, Personal
Waxbath - Heat Therapy Machine
  • Filament: Industrial Heater
  • Tank Made up of – Mild Steel with Power coated
  • Power Indicator
  • Thermostat indicator
  • Safety Fuse
  • Thermostat Control: 30-110c with auto cut off
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