Interferential Therapy – Manual

Interferential therapy -Manual

Interferential therapy -Manual

Interferential therapy has developed into one of the most widely used therapy mode. The characteristics of alternating current (No Galvanic Effects) and the relatively high carrier Frequency (Reduced Skin Resistance) make interferential therapy especially suitable for the treatment of deeper lying Tissues.




  • Three Modes of Stimulation
  • Four Pole Interferential therapy
  • Four Pole interferential Vector Therapy
  • Choice of two Carrier Frequencies 4 & 2 KHz
  • User-Friendly system with worldwide proven Technology.


  • Therapy forms 4 Pole,4 Pole,Vector,2 Pole (2 channel )
  • Carrier Frequency 4 and 2 KHz
  • Base 0-150 Hz
  • Sweep 0-100 Hz. Continuously Adjustable
  • Sweep Programmnes -1/1 sec,1/5sec,6/6 sec
  • Output current-0-100mA
  • Timer-0-99 min.

Technical Data

  • Mains voltage 220V/50 Hz
  • Safety Class : CLASS 1,type BF according to IEC 60601-1
  • Dimensions Lx Bx H 23×29.5×9.5 cms
  • Weight-3.1Kgs